I began photographing with a toy camera at age 3. Using this film-less medium, my work reflected an appreciation of fleeting subjects--summer flowers, worms curled on wet sidewalks and family picnics.

My 9th year provided the critical leap to a camera with film--free with any 8-gallon or more fill-up. From then on, my time and allowance poured into film and photographs.

Today I shoot with 2 horizontal and 35mm formats. I've been an assignment and stock freelance photographer for the past 15 years. Work has taken my husband and me many places in the world. We have lived in Slovenia, Iceland, Germany, Latvia, West Africa and Croatia. All are extraordinary places with lovely people and cultures. But in my travels, I've found that the search for beauty begins in your own backyard.

I never tire of exploring light and appreciating how all things become new and exquisite when seen in the right illumination.

Assignments can be seen on the Published page, with clients including Sunset Magazine and National Geographic Traveler. My photographs have been represented in stock collections since 1990 and through Getty Images since its conception. My work is regularly used in business, publishing, music and tourism industries worldwide.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you've enjoyed viewing some of my favorites.

Photographs © Connie Coleman.